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In January of 2021, the book Mindset by Brigitte and Babs Bruyneel will be published.

Published by “uitgeverij Vrijdag”.

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How did Brigitte and Babs come to a collaboration?

In 2017, Brigitte Derks and Babs Bruyneel paths crossed.Not long after that they decided to write a book. they both had a well-filled backpack with fun, but as everybody has, less fun events. However, they both dealt with setbacks and the less fortunes events differently, they both changed their “Mindset”. With the necessary research into the phenomenon “Mindset” and “The law of attraction” they started to write a book. Both took psychologists, coaches, therapists, experts in every area by their side to complete the book. The book is a guide to getting started with your mindset. Complemented by personal experiences, nice quotes, drawings and professional help.

There will be no book fair this year, but that does not stop them from publishing this book in the winter of 2020.

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