All testimonials are originally submitted in Dutch and translated with care.

I would like to share my experience of my coaching sessions with Brigitte 🙌🏻 🙌🏻🙌🏻.

I have already come a long way and had several admissions to psychiatric centers where I was followed by Psychologists and Psychiatrists. These have certainly helped me and helped me to stand where I am now in my life. DGT, gestalt therapy, group therapies, … are not strange to me.

After a short residential admission at the beginning of this year, I ended up at Brigitte, thanks to a friend. She told me that Brigitte is a life coach and that I could contact her. A different approach might help me further. After some doubts, I contacted Brigitte. It clicked from the first moment. I was received very openly and warmly. And she introduced herself. I told my story. Not a single moment she looked at the clock … My story was listened to … without judgment. Brigitte is a very optimistic woman with a positive outlook on life. She gives me tools that I can use. And sometimes assignments. Which I quite like. She teaches me to be conscious in life … to be who I am … to listen to my body … to drink a lot of water 😁 … Brigitte often shares her own experiences, which gives me a feeling of trust. Thank you Brigitte for extending my wings and supporting me on the sidelines. Thank you for crossing my path at this point in my life.

“I breathe small clouds of poppy gently with the wind. I breathe them in and out slowly (out of gratitude) until you find them. “


Brigitte is really a top coach. She clearly knows what she is talking about. She is someone who can listen well and can stop at the right times and can point out your thoughts. She does not need much to name your issues and knows how to get to the core very quickly. She is very motivating and full of energy. Whenever I came to her she was well prepared and picked up on themes discussed in a previous session. And above all, I returned home charged after each session and received the necessary tools and quotes to be able to continue on my own.

Thank you Brigitte.


You are the one who gave me courage to dare to dream again. Set goals that I will be able to achieve again soon. Thank you for all the nice chats and thank you for believing in me so much, you are amazing! Leaving all those bad vibes behind us.

With sporty greetings

Loena Hendrickx

Healing takes time. And Brigitte gives you that time. What I love the most about our conversations is that she is able to let me look at my own thought patterns and question them with me, challenge me and pushes me occasionally to find the version of myself I want to be

Sophie Panier

What an experience … I came a long way, I got into a divorce after 18 years of marriage with 3 wonderful children … I did not know what happened to me and thought I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel … Brigitte pulled me through it, that whole year … she found the right words and had the necessary mindset to support me, every week … life can be so f *** hard but it can be so beautiful when you see it from the site … not always easy to adopt this mindset, but every day it is a choice you make yourself … or dig deeper into the well and get nowhere, or avoid the well silently to eventually realize that there are other ways …
Thank you Brigitte for your coaching, your enthusiasm and your perseverance to support me, every week … 😘

Brigitte often only needs a few seconds to pinpoint where the real problem is. With a few subtle words and / or sentences she directs the conversation, very subtle, but decisive enough to bring me to insight without forcing anything. Perhaps most importantly; Brigitte is very down to earth. In other words no time for self-pity or excuses. She always wants to help, but you have to show your cards. Even if I only have one session every few months; I always walk out of her practice like another person. Or better yet; I always come out as “more myself”.
PJ De Paepe
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